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"KNF Attained ISO International Standard for a new linear calibration method" Detail View
KNF Attained ISO International Standard for a new linear calibration method

KNF Attained ISO International Standard for a new linear calibration method

 - A new calibration method, which is based on the linear regression theory, was adopted as international standard of ISO and is to be applied globally in relevant studies and industries.

▲ KNF technician conducting research on the new linear calibration method

KEPCO NF (CEO Sang-bong Jeong) has announced that a new linear calibration method, developed by the company, has been confirmed as an international standard of ISO.

The method calibrates measuring equipment using multiple standards (or reference solutions). Former calibration methods made it difficult to evaluate calibration uncertainty, and the range of uncertainty for the measurement value could not be clearly stated after calibration. KNF developed its own methodology to evaluate the uncertainties based on statistical theories, and then established a new linear calibration method based on the newly developed evaluation methodology. The company submitted the new calibration method to the ISO as a new work item proposal (project leader Pil-sang kang) in 2014.

The method was confirmed as an international standard at the end of March this year, after going through the committee stage, enquiry stage, and approval stage by voting. (For reference, there was active support from the Korean Agency for Technology and standards and the Korea Electric Association during the process of developing the standard.) The calibration method is expected to be used not only in the nuclear industry but also in various research and industry fields in the world.

KNF also has a method of measuring gadolinia content, developed and proposed by the company, and successfully registered as an international standard in 2012. The method involves a core technology that is applied to measure the composition of gadolinium and uranium contained in gadolinium fuel pellets.

CEO Sang-bong Jeong said, "The confirmation of the linear calibration method as an international standard not only boosts the company's status as a national calibration institution but also symbolizes its technical excellence." He added that he hoped "The standard developed by KNF would be of valuable use in various fields."