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"KEPCO Nuclear Fuel renews certification for anti-bribery management system" Detail View
KEPCO Nuclear Fuel renews certification for anti-bribery management system

KEPCO Nuclear Fuel renews certification for anti-bribery management system

 KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (CEO: Jeong Sang-bong) announced on November 16 that the company recently completed a review to renew the anti-bribery management system (ISO 37001) and maintained its certification.

The anti-bribery management system (ISO 37001) is an international standard prepared by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2016 for the systematic prevention of any possibility of bribery; it is given to an organization with systematic and transparent system, head of the organization with anti-bribery will, and established monitoring system.

 KEPCO Nuclear Fuel sought to renew its certification, which is to be reviewed every 3 years, since first acquiring it in November 2017. This time, the company expanded the scope of review to cover TSA Plant (Yuseong-gu, Daejeon) and NSA Plant (Nonsan), and the company’s efforts to prevent bribery were recognized.

 For ethical management, KEPCO Nuclear Fuel has sought various anti-bribery/integrity activities by: ▲ operating a permanent monitoring system to ensure fair contracts; ▲ holding an anti-bribery commitment company-union convention; ▲ gathering ideas for integrity slogans and implementation; and ▲ operating integrity agents.

 “With our certification for the anti-bribery management system, we have been able to earn trust internally and externally for our company’s anti-bribery management system. We will make our best effort to reinvent ourselves as a public institution that reduces the risk of noncompliance with laws in Korea and abroad and spread the anti-bribery culture,” an official from KEPCO Nuclear Fuel said.