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"KEPCO Nuclear Fuel appoints Choi Ik-soo as new president" Detail View
KEPCO Nuclear Fuel appoints Choi Ik-soo as new president

Presented the future vision and emphasized 'sustainable growth' through organizational revitalization

▣ On March 18, KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KEPCO NF) held an inauguration ceremony for Choi Ik-soo(62), the new president, at the main auditorium of its head office in Deokjin-dong, Daejeon.

▣ President Choi expressed at his inauguration ceremony, “We will establish a foundation for future growth by developing and implementing new businesses, putting efforts into the stable supply of nuclear fuel, and carrying out safety and integrity management for the continued growth of KEPCO NF.”

▣ He emphasized, “We will promote organizational revitalization by maintaining smooth labor-management relations through harmonious labor-management culture and lay the foundation for collaborative cooperation by reinforcing ties with relevant organizations and agencies.”

▣ Choi was born in Hongseong, Chungcheongnam-do and graduated from the Department of Economics in Inha University. He joined Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) in 1987 and worked for more than 30 years, serving as the Executive Auditor and the head of Daejeon Chungnam Division.

▣ He served as the head of KEPCO NF’s Planning and Administrative Division from 2018 and contributed to the company’s turning to surplus by leading the budget management and innovative changes in sales contracts.

▣ KEPCO NF started a public search for a new president last December and appointed Choi Ik-soo as the president and CEO at the extraordinary general meeting on December 17 after deliberation by the President Recommendation Committee.

[Photo] 1. New KEPCO NF president Choi Ik-soo delivering his management plan to employees at his inauguration speech