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"KEPCO Nuclear Fuel supports “Safety Package Service” for local companies" Detail View
KEPCO Nuclear Fuel supports “Safety Package Service” for local companies

▣ On October 18, KEPCO Nuclear Power Fuel (KNFC) provided a "Safety Package Service" to GLtech Co., Ltd. and Didi Global, Inc. in Daejeon to create a safe working environment for local companies.

▣ "Safety Package Service" is a project that provides safety inspections and educational donations to small and medium-sized enterprises that are relatively vulnerable to safety accidents and is jointly implemented with the 'innovation network for public institutions in Daejeon and Sejong.'
▣ On the same day, KEPCO NF carried out on-site safety inspections jointly with Innopolis Korea Innovation Foundation and conducted the first aid and CPR training for workers. Moreover, KEPCO NF and the companies collaborating with the innovation network donated safety goods and quarantine kits to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

▣ As part of its ESG management, KEPCO NF plans to continuously expand the targets and scale of Safety Package Service support project to spread collaborative cooperation and safety culture.

▣ On October 7, KEPCO NF’s labor and management jointly adopted the declaration for ESG management that included ▲ carrying out new environmental conservation businesses based on management focused on eco-friendliness and public safety, ▲ fulfilling the role of the social safety net and leading the dispersion of win-win cooperation, partnership, and fair culture throughout society, and ▲ committing to establishing an integrity-based transparent decision-making system.

[Photo] KEPCO NFC’s employees visited local company GLtech to conduct safety inspections and took commemorative photos.