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OPEN FORUM Introduction of Ethical Management

Introduction of Ethical Management

Introduction to KEPCO NF Ethical Management

Introduction to KEPCO NF Ethical Management

Contribute to the national economy through win-win management with business partners

Ethical management is a prerequisite for corporations and office workers for survival and has become a global norm since the Enron scandal. Domestically, systems are being introduced for improving ethical standards, mainly by Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, and integrity and ethics are being emphasized as a cornerstone of national reconstruction.

In step with this trend, KEPCO NF has established clean ethical management as CEO's core business management philosophy, and built a system of its implementation strategies to carry out systematic ethical management activities.

Ethical norms composed of a Charter of Ethics (preamble and 10 practice items), a code of conduct(47 articles), and guidelines for executives and staff about duty-related behavior are enacted and in force, serving as a model for their professional ethics.

KEPCO NF formulates an annual plan for ethical management and implements it under the strategic system of practicing ethical management, evaluating the results from the tasks carried out by sector, and providing feedback.

Education about ethical management to increase awareness of integrity and ethics on the part of all executives and staff is provided on a continuing basis through special CEO lectures, cyber education, group education, operation of Ethics Day, etc.

With respect to the recent issue of corporate social responsibility being raised, the company recognizes social contribution activities undertaken as part of its responsibility as an important sector of ethical management, and develops them into strategic activities by promoting the sense of solidarity with the local community.

Introduction to KEPCO NF Ethical Management - Field, Principal systems
Field Principal systems
Transparent contracting system
  • Real-name contracting system/Clean contract implementation team/ Electronic bidding/Pledge of implementing clean contracts/Operation of clean execution of construction work
Inspection/Clean System
  • Electronic bidding and constant monitoring of the internal electronic system/ Internal reporting center for public good/Clean reporting center/Sinmungo/Clean card system/Internal accounting management system
Information disclosing system
  • Public notification of management results on homepage/Public information system for public organizations(ALIO)

We plan to continue improving such ethical management activities of KEPCO NF, and reorganize the model of ethical management to match the company characteristics. Based on these efforts, we will publish our own report on ethical management to establish active communication with the internal and external stakeholders, thereby taking the lead in realizing a clean society.