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"KEPCO Nuclear Fuel focuses on KNF New Deal" Detail View
KEPCO Nuclear Fuel focuses on KNF New Deal

KEPCO Nuclear Fuel focuses on KNF New Deal
- Aims to invest 99.4 billion won and create 1,006 jobs by 2025

 KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (CEO Jeong Sang-bong) announced on December 1 that the company is pursuing KNF New Deal, which aims to invest 99.4 billion won and create 1,006 jobs by 2025 in line with the government’s Korean New Deal.

 KNF New Deal, which will lead sustainable development, consists of 4 areas: ▲ strengthening corporate competitiveness through digital innovation across businesses including implementing smart factories; ▲ leading Green New Deal by pursuing new environment-friendly projects as well as an environment network that ensures public confidence; ▲ stabilizing the supply chain and reinforcing resilience by localizing materials, parts, and equipment; and ▲ playing a leading role as a public institution by strengthening social value.

 In the area of digital innovation, the company will pursue 4 tasks: building smart manufacturing facilities based on AR technology; developing future-oriented convergent technologies; establishing digital management infrastructure; and putting in place a digital disaster response management system. In the area of Green New Deal, it will focus on 4 tasks for eco-friendly management, including R&D and new projects for environmental conservation as well as an environment network that ensures public confidence.

 In the area of materials, parts, and equipment localization, the company will localize not just nuclear fuel materials and parts but also major processes and equipment. In the area of social value, it will pursue 3 tasks including promoting collaboration with local and collaborative companies and expanding socially fair hiring to establish an employment safety net.

 KEPCO Nuclear Fuel is planning to establish a strategy committee participated in by the management of each department and division under the leadership of the CEO to consolidate the company’s capabilities and build a collaborative system for the successful implementation of KNF New Deal, at the same time launching task forces (TF) in 13 sub-committees to implement KNF New Deal tasks smoothly.

 “By implementing KNF New Deal, we will take the lead in not just boosting the economy and creating decent jobs but also preparing for the post-COVID world by reinventing digital-based work and seeking new environment-friendly projects,” CEO Jeong Sang-bong said.