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Press Release

"KEPCO NF Exports Key Nuclear Fuel Parts to Brazil’s INB" Detail View
KEPCO NF Exports Key Nuclear Fuel Parts to Brazil’s INB

KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF, CEO Choi Ik-su) stated that it has been successfully implementing an export contract worth USD 105 million (KRW 13.7 billion) signed with INB, a Brazilian nuclear fuel company, at the end of December 2020, expecting to export nuclear fuel spacer grids and other parts worth USD 22.5 million (KRW 2.9 billion) to its counterpart by December of this year.


Spacer grids are core component for nuclear fuels, enhancing the heat transfer from the nuclear reactor to the coolant by fastening and supporting the fuel rods charged with uranium through steady distance and force.


After signing the first-ever nuclear fuel part supply contract with INB in Brazil in June 2006, KNF has annually expanded the export of standard nuclear fuel spacer grids and small parts, such as fuel rod springs and sleeves, manufactured by INB; the accumulated sales by 2022 is estimated at KRW 18 billion.


Furthermore, KNF is discussing a contract with the company on the additional supply of crucial parts in 2024 and 2025, striving to reinforce cooperative activities for long-term provision.


KNF has been carrying out this export project with Korean SMEs, strengthening technological collaboration while fostering win-win relationships with cooperating SMEs and utilizing the project to foster mutual growth.


CEO Choi said, “We are making efforts to enhance the competitive edge in our exports thanks to the government’s nuclear power export policy,” adding, “We will do our best to secure stability in the export market of crucial nuclear fuel parts.”

[Photo] A view of the company