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CEO Greetings

New Global Standard, KEPCO NF

Greetings from CEO

KEPCO NF strives to be Korea’s most trusted company.

Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting.

KEPCO NF is the one and only nuclear fuel company in South Korea specialized in designing and manufacturing nuclear fuel, and providing corresponding services. It was established in 1982 to be technology-independent and to produce nuclear fuel domestically.

For the last forty years, KEPCO NF has succeeded in developing its own nuclear-energy manufacture and design technologies and has been supplying the high-quality fuel to the twenty five nuclear power plants in operation in South Korea. Moreover, KNF has entered the global market, has been exporting the entire amount of nuclear fuel required in Unit 4 in the UAE’s nuclear power plant and core components and service equipment in nuclear fuel field to the USA and China.

KEPCO NF will not content with today’s glory. To prepare for the future and attain sustainable growth, we will establish a solid foundation, develop and promote new businesses. We will strengthen the safety management system, build a fun workplace, and have a culture of integrity settled in KEPCO NF. Further, as a public organization, we take a step forward for the social values and coexistence with local communities and partner companies.

We humbly ask you to stay supportive as we grow to become a world’s leading nuclear fuel manufacture company through innovative improvement and thrive in global market in nuclear power energy industry.

Thank you.

KEPCO Nuclear Fuel CEO Choi Ik Soo