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CEO Greetings

I would like to cordially
welcome you to our

Hello. I am Sang-bong Jeong, the CEO of KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Company.

KNF is the one and only professional nuclear fuel design and fabrication company in Korea. As a government-invested company, we successfully localized nuclear fuel design and manufacturing technology. In addition, we have been providing hign-end and high-performing nuclear fuels to UAE and local nuclear power plants that are in operation for more than 30 years.

We will develop innovative technology built on ICT convergence and create a smart factory to become a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

KEPCO   Nuclear Fuel CEO Sang-bong Jeong

Furthermore, we will strive to contribute to the national economy by creating quality jobs and being socially responsible as we prioritize safe operation and transparent management.

I'm very excited about our prospects to be a global fuel cycle company aims to enhance the economic growth of Korea and lead the international nuclear fuel market. We ask for your continued support and interest.

Thank you.