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MAIN BUSINESS R&D Patents for Reactor Cores and Fuel Designs

Patents for Reactor Cores and Fuel Designs

Development of Core Technology

KNF endeavors to secure our own patented technologies and promote the export-oriented industrialization of nuclear fuel.
KNF has been constantly investing in technology development to develop safe nuclear fuel at a world-class level. This enabled us to develop our own high-performance nuclear fuel that boasts global competitiveness and establish a world-class patented code system and methodology.

Export-driven High Performance Nuclear Fuel

As for the fuel development, KNF especially focuses on export-driven high performance nuclear fuel. We already succeeded to develop HIPER16 (High Performance with Efficiency and Reliability) for OPR1000 and APR1400 nuclear reactors, launched in September 2005 for the first as a national strategic priority to boost exports in nuclear power-related business and completed in August 2010 through the design finalization and out-pile verification. HIPER16 is prospected to be commercially supplied starting from 2020 after about 5 years of in-pile evaluation of LTA (Lead Test Assembly) at a domestic nuclear power plant. HIPER17, the fuel for WEC-type reactors, was started its development in January 2008, and the design was finalized in 2010; it is now under performance tests for commercial supply possibly from 2021. We believe that HIPER16 and HIPER17 will be approved as one of the best quality nuclear fuels worldwide in burn-up, thermal margin, seismic performance, reliability, and manufacturability.

Core Design & Safety Analysis Code System

KNF has been developing high performance Reactor Core Design & Safety Analysis code system numbered among the best in the world, with no export restrictions under patented technology ownership. The reactor core design code is classified into the nuclear design code, the thermal-hydraulic design code, the fuel rod design code, and the fuel assembly & control rod design code. We successfully achieved the development of reactor core design code and licensing from Nuclear Safety and Security Commission for four codes such as two types of nuclear design codes, fuel assembly seismic analysis code, and thermal-hydraulic design code.

As for the development of safety analysis methodologies, our main concern is not to have any restrictions on exports of nuclear power plants and fuels; the development has finished in 2012 and the acquisition of license is expected to be completed by 2017.

International Standard Design Code Quality Assurance System

KNF endeavors in improving design code quality and safety up to international levels. A design code is the software of nuclear fuel, and KNF developed a software quality management system for 3 years since 2015, and it is currently operated in compliance with related international standards. The in-house developed quality management system features an international standard design code quality certification procedure guide, integrated computer code configuration management system (iCODE), software quality assurance information system (SQAIS) and KNF library for offering an integrated software environment, and it is currently developing design codes and applying them on performance operation. This achievement is an international-level quality assurance system which is key in expanding into overseas markets, and sustainable profit is expected when the design code is supplied to the international market.