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"KEPCO NF Wins the Ministerial Award at 2022 Korea Tech Commercialization" Detail View
KEPCO NF Wins the Ministerial Award at 2022 Korea Tech Commercialization

On November 24, KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF, CEO Choi Ik-soo) announced that it received the Ministerial Award of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in technology sharing category on November 23 at the 2022 Korea Tech Commercialization held at SKY31 Convention Lotte World Tower to honor the men of merit for their contribution to technology commercialization.


The Korea Tech Commercialization is an annual event hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and organized by Korea Institute for Advanced Technology (KIAT) to discover and award the men of merit for contributing to the technology commercialization and share the outcome related to the technology transfer of R&D results and commercialization activities.


KNF became the winner of Ministerial Award in recognition of its active participation in technology transfer projects by transferring its technologies to private companies and granting the license on industrial property rights that are not used after signing an MOU with KIAT on technology sharing in 2019.


In an effort to promote the shared growing with SMEs, KNF has run a task force to support the shared growth other than tech sharing program and has carried out a series of activities including technical support and field training tailored to the need of suppliers and technology escrow to avoid technology leakage and protect the technology of SMEs.


KNF CEO Choi Ik-soo said, “We will continue to closely communicate with SMEs to grow together and work hard to live up to the social responsibility of a public company through technology development, investment and various shared growth programs.”

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[Photo Description] CEO Choi Ik-soo (right) took the photo after receiving the Ministerial Award