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"KEPCO NF Receives the $100M Export Tower Award" Detail View
KEPCO NF Receives the $100M Export Tower Award

On December 5, KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF, CEO Choi Ik-soo) won the $100M Export Tower Award at the ceremony held to mark the 59th anniversary of Trade Day at COEX, Gangnam COEX, Seoul.


It is an annual ceremony hosted by the Korea International Trade Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to select the companies that contributed to entering into foreign markets and increasing export and award the CEOs and employees according to their degree of contribution.


KNF is the only company in Korea that designs and manufacturers nuclear power fuels concurrently. After Korea successfully won the bid to build Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2009, KNF began to export its nuclear power fuels since 2017. Based on the technologies to produce quality nuclear power fuels, KNF exported core components of nuclear power fuels, equipment to manufacturer such parts as well as spent fuel performance assessment tools to the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, etc., recording USD 240 million in export earnings for the year.


During the ceremony, researcher Yoon Sang-jun (UAE Division) of KNF received the Prime Minister’s Award in recognition of his contribution to exporting nuclear power fuels.



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[Photo Description] Seo Jung-min, Head of Innovative Growth Project (right), and researcher Yoon Sang-jun (left) took the photo after receiving awards.