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69 KNF contributes to winning the New NPP Project in Kazakhstan KNF 2019-06-07 322
68 KNF Held the Launch Ceremony of Integrity Agents KNF 2019-05-10 300
67 KNF Held the Opening Ceremony of the Gyeongju Branch Office KNF 2019-03-26 290
66 NSA Plant of KNF Acquired the Rating S on Process Safety Management KNF 2019-03-05 194
65 KNF selected as Best Quality Competitiveness Enterprise for 18 consecutive years KNF 2018-11-28 2,230
64 KNF selected as Best HRD Organization KNF 2018-09-20 1,865
63 KNF Attained ISO International Standard for a new linear calibration method KNF 2018-04-11 2,097
62 KNF signed cooperation MOU with ENEC KNF 2018-03-26 2,727
61 KNF expands its scope as a KOLAS testing institute. KNF 2017-12-28 2,228
60 KNF acquired license for interaction equation for critical thermal flux of HIPER KNF 2017-12-27 1,965