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"KEPCO NF and KAIST Signed MOU for Improved Competitiveness for Academic Research and Nuclear Industry" Detail View
KEPCO NF and KAIST Signed MOU for Improved Competitiveness for Academic Research and Nuclear Industry

On the 12th, KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (KNF, CEO Choi Ik-soo) and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST, President Lee Kwang-hyung) signed an MOU to improve their competitiveness for academic research and the nuclear industry.


The event, which took place at the KAIST main building in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, was carried out in the presence of key officials from both companies, including CEO Choi Ik-soo of KNF and President Lee Kwang-hyung of KAIST.


This day, both organizations agreed to the following: (a) joint research for new technology development in the nuclear fuel cycle; (b) manpower and technical data exchange; (c) joint use of research equipment and facilities; (d) provision of facilities and guidance for student field trips; and (e) cooperation for mutual interests between the two organizations. Through the agreement, it is anticipated to increase the competitiveness of both organizations by establishing an interrelated system between the industry and academia.


Some of the plans include opening advanced courses in nuclear technology to meet KNF's demand, as well as courses in programming and the latest R&D trends.


CEO Choi said, “Through this agreement, we expect to create synergies in nuclear fuel and its related technologies by sharing the latest technical data. Together with KAIST, we will do our best to contribute to the development of the nuclear industry.”


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[Photo Description] KNF CEO Choi Ik-soo (left) and KAIST President Lee Kwang-hyung at the MOU signing ceremony